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This is a collection of Web sites maintained by Bob Allan with help from John Ross.

The Scorpion logo is taken from a drawing of the Scorpion Imp held in the Rootes Archive Centre.

Scorpion Engineering was founded with the aim to work on cars designed by Tom Killeen (including the K19 Scorpion), Hillman Imps and also development of parts for The Imp Club. We do not sell parts, this is done exclusively by The Imp Club (Spares) Ltd.

We are also interested in the history of manufacturing in the UK and technology in general.

Imp Club Mercia Area Centre

This Web site is put together to advertise what we do in the North West of England. It's a joint effort with Area Centres in Cheshire, North Wales, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Derby, Lancashire, Staffordshire and previously Fylde, so we call it the "Mercia Area". The main Imp Club site is here.

Killeen Cars

History of cars designed by Tom Killeen.

Caledonian Register

Register of Caledonian Imps (a limited edition) known to The Imp Club.

Greetham Register

Register of Greetham prepared Imps known to The Imp Club.

Nymph Register

Register of Bohanna Stables Imp based Nymph cars known to The Imp Club.

Rootes Archive Centre

This is the old Rootes Archive Centre Web site preserved so that you can search some of the content. The current active site is here.

Rootes Empire

The history of the Rootes Car Company, its manufacturing and sales activities and also of the Rootes family. Once the 3rd largest car producer in the UK. Ask for information.

Rootes Wartime

Rootes activities during World War II. Ask for information.

Imp and Climax based Specials



Ask for information.

Alan Fraser Racing

Ask for information.

Free Reed Organs in England

History of Free Reed Organ manufacture in the UK.

History of Computing

History of Computing at Daresbury Laboratory.

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